For charity events, send invitations out as early as possible. It is not unusual for a corporate golfer to be invited to more than one event on the same day.

Source – Smart Meetings Magazine


First Steps: Give yourself enough time. The larger the group-or more exclusive the golf course-the farther in advance you should work. At the earliest, start a year out, as soon as this year’s event is done.
Source – Meetings and Conventions Magazine


Even when choosing the golf course a planner should keep VIP’s in mind. Why? Because many executives don’t play golf often enough to be very good. Holding your event then, on a course that’s difficult may be a bad idea. Ask the pro shop how “forgiving” the course is for mediocre players. If the answer is “not very,” consider another course, or risk having frustrated players.

Source – Successful Meetings Magazine


You will be judged by the gifts and prizes you give your golfers. Give them quality items that they will use and display. There is no better way to promote your event for next year than through word of mouth. Put sponsors’ logos on your gifts and prizes and they will pay for all of the gifts that you need and more for the exposure. Source – Golf Events Magazine


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